Frequently Asked Questions

In order to maintain a low cost for home sleep apnea tests, we do not accept insurance at this time. You may however qualify for a reimbursement from your insurance company if submitted directly. We do not accept any liability if insurance reimbursement is denied.

Doctor Dreamweaver’s cost varies and depends on the type of service you are receiving. Pricing information as follows: 

SLEEP WELL BE WELL complete package $325

Included in this one time fee, you will receive: 

  • Nightowl® disposable home sleep apnea test kit shipped directly to your home
  • A fully comprehensive consultation via telehealth with a board certified sleep specialist
  • A prescription for CPAP therapy if needed, as well as recommendations. 


Dreamweaver Prescription Renewal $85 

For this one-time fee, existing PAP users receive a telehealth visit with a board-certified sleep specialist to discuss current PAP treatment and a prescription renewal. Please note that this service is designed for individuals who have been previously diagnosed with OSA via an in-lab sleep study or home sleep test and who simply need a prescription renewal. 

Follow up Visit with your Dream Team $75

15 minute telehealth visit with a board certified sleep specialist 

A smartphone or tablet is required to download the Nightowl® Companion App. Also, a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a video webcam is needed for face to face telehealth consultations.

Yes, the Nightowl sleep test is FDA approved and clinically validated

Yes. Once you purchase the home sleep apnea test kit and complete the sleep and health assessment, a board certified sleep physician in your state will review it and order the test if you are a candidate.

If your board certified sleep specialist does not think you are a candidate for HSAT, then a full refund will be provided.

No, we are not a healthcare provider. Doctor Dreamweaver is a premier service offering access to state of the art home sleep testing, as well as access to top board certified sleep specialists. We make home sleep apnea testing safe, affordable, and convenient.

After wearing the device overnight, the data will be transmitted via the cloud the next morning. A board certified sleep physician in your state will analyze and interpret your test results within 72 hours of completing the test. You will then schedule a telehealth consultation with your sleep specialist to review test results and recommendations. We offer weekend and evening appointments to fit your schedule.

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