Home Sleep Apnea Testing

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Sleep Well Be Well Complete Process $325:

A convenient, safe, and affordable way to get tested for sleep disorders from the comfort of your home. This comprehensive package is designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. No more copays, taking time off work, staying overnight in a sleep clinic, or waiting for insurance approvals. We streamline the process so you can easily get tested and treated.

  • Purchase your home sleep apnea test, then complete the sleep and health assessment to determine if you qualify for an at home sleep apnea test.
  • If determined that you are a candidate for home sleep testing, you will be mailed a disposable home sleep apnea test kit. 
  • Download the NightOwl® app and enter the access code from the email you received.
  • Follow the instructions included with your kit.
  • Simply attach the finger sensor NightOwl® device and fall asleep in the comfort of your own home. Data will be uploaded via the cloud the next morning.
  • Repeat sleep apnea test for up to 3 nights Oftentimes, sleep apnea can be misdiagnosed during a single sleep study. With NightOwl®, however, you will complete 3 nights using a single disposable device. This allows for a thorough evaluation and an accurate diagnosis.
  • Once the test is completed, the data will be reviewed by a board certified sleep physician in your area and recommendations will be made. 
  • Schedule a virtual telehealth consultation with our board-certified sleep specialist. You will review your test results and discuss treatment options. If sleep therapy is recommended, your sleep care provider will write you a prescription for CPAP therapy. 
  • You are able to use your prescription at any CPAP provider you would like. Our sleep care specialist will follow-up with personalized equipment recommendations based on your individual needs. The cost of the equipment will vary depending on what you select. 
  • If you would like a follow up visit with your Dream Team, virtual telehealth appointments are available. 

Benefits of Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Traditional sleep testing has been conducted at sleep clinics for years. However, scheduling a sleep study can be both challenging and costly. Not to mention that in-lab sleep studies can be affected by sleeping in an unfamiliar environment. Home sleep testing has many advantages over traditional in lab tests including:

  • Convenient and hassle free – No doctor’s office visits, taking time off work, multiple copays, finding a sleep lab, or sleeping in a strange environment. Testing will take place from the comfort of your own home. Simply order the test and it will be shipped to your home.
  • Comfort – No need for sticky sensors, cables, or bulky testing equipment. Instead, the device can be comfortably worn on your finger. You can also enjoy the comfort of sleeping in your own bed. 
  • Affordable – While both in-lab and in-home sleep tests are usually partially covered by insurance plans, in-home studies are much more affordable. An in-lab sleep test can cost anywhere from $500 to over $3,000, and your out of pocket expense will determine how much of this price you pay. In some cases, insurance companies will only pay a small portion of this fee, leaving you with the bulk of the payment. 
  • PRIVATE and SECURE – Your health is your business.Test results will not be shared with life/health insurance companies or government agencies, nor will your results be part of your permanent health record. 
  • No Hidden Fees – In lab sleep tests may have additional fees such as copays for multiple doctors and appointments. In-home sleep tests eliminate the need for multiple appointments and doctor copays, preventing these additional fees. 
  • Easy to Use – The NightOwl® device can be easily placed on the tip of your finger and does not require any chest or wrist-worn component.

Overall, in-home sleep tests offer patients a range of logistical, financial, and diagnostic benefits. With at-home sleep tests, anyone can easily and effectively have their sleep evaluated by a sleep specialist. 

The Easy Alternative

Comparing In lab Sleep Model to Home Sleep Test

In-Lab Sleep Study

Multiple doctors visits, copays and insurance authorizations. Time off from work and away from home, sleep in a strange environment, uncomfortable.

Home Sleep Study

Simply sleep in the comfort of your own bed. Convenient. No hidden fees.

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